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Sue Bales 01 Jul
Anele Chonco 06 Jul
Sandrae Hartle 11 Jul
Herman Botes 14 Jul
Janet Smith 16 Jul
Disa O’ Connor 18 Jul
Lara Botes 21 Jul


Introduction to our church

Christ Church Sandton (CCS) is a Bible-based church which aims to honour the God of the Bible, care for each other and share Jesus with everyone.

We are a church family that believes in the truth of the Gospel and we welcome anyone who is looking for a spiritual home and wants to grow in their relationship with a righteous and sovereign God.

CCS is part of REACH SA, the Reformed, Evangelical, Anglican Church of South Africa, an association of churches that is reaching out to the people of South Africa with the message of the Bible. It was previously known as The Church of England in South Africa (CESA). 

REACH stands for:
Reformed: We believe that the Bible is our final authority in all matters of life and faith, not experience, tradition or the church as an institution.
Evangelical: We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible, is the only way for people to be saved from God’s judgement of their sin and enter to heaven when they die.
Anglican: Our statement of faith is encompassed in “The 39 Articles” and we have a denominational structure and form of church service which is rooted in the Anglican tradition.
Church: The gathering (or assembly) of God’s people to encourage each other to hear His Word and be equipped to do the good works that God expects us to do in the church and world.

For more information, read these useful downloads on CESA Distinctives and The 39 Articles.

Our Mission Statement

Christ Church Sandton exists to encourage people to come to faith in Jesus Christ and to then grow in relationship with him and with others.

What's Happening or coming up at our church
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    General what's happening

Thoughts from the Minister

What is the best thing about being a Christian?
God knows and loves me and I know God is my Heavenly Father!
  God is involved in my life daily and I can share everything with Him.
I know that my life and the lives of our church family are in His hands.
After this short life on earth, there is Heaven for eternity . . . GLORY!